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If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you need a lawyer with the experience, knowledge, and skill to make sure that your rights are protected. 

We understand that the rules apply to the police and prosecutors too, and will work to hold them accountable when they violate your rights. We have represented thousands of individuals charged with criminal offenses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, from drunk driving and other motor vehicle offenses to major drug crimes and violent offenses including homicide. We also have extensive experience representing individuals in motor vehicle administrative hearings before the NH DMV and MA RMV.

If you are a MA driver charged with a DWI/OUI offense or a NH driver charged in MA, you need a lawyer knowledgeable about the laws of both states and the serious license related consequences that can arise in your home state. These repercussions can come as a terrible surprise for the unwary. What may seem like a great deal at the time, may carry with it a multi-year, or even lifetime suspension in your home state, depending on your driving history. And by the time you find out, it may be too late. You need a lawyer with knowledge of the law in BOTH jurisdictions. Bookman & Al-Marayati can help.

If you have been charged with a crime, we will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case, aggressively challenge the government's case in the courtroom, and use our skill and experience to negotiate effectively on your behalf. And we will always be sure to keep you informed about developments in your case and involved in important strategic decisions.